Conquering the 'ewww' factor of the public potty

"You can remove all gastrointestinal and respiratory infection bacteria by washing hands," said Judy Daly, clinical microbiologist at the University of Utah and spokesperson for the Clean Hands Campaign. "Seventeen seconds of a little bit of friction, water and soap will really mediate bacteria."

The American Society for Microbiology, which sponsors the Clean Hands Campaign, found in a study last year that about 77 percent of men and women washed their hands in public restrooms, down 6 percent from 2005. The observational study also found that women washed their hands more than men.

MizPee launched a year ago for people in San Francisco, California, after co-founder Peter Olfe saw that the city's public library bathroom was "so disgusting," said Dhana Pawar, vice president and co-founder of Yojo Mobile, which created MizPee. "Unfortunately, [MizPee] was inspired by that trip."

Research indicates that fear of the commode itself may be misdirected.

For many people, public bathrooms generate feelings of anxiety, fear and disgust.

Yes, it's basic. But, in general, washing your hands is the most effective action you can take to prevent bacterial infections from a public bathroom, experts say.

Pawar said she herself is "really paranoid" when it comes to the restroom.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Most of us have them -- the personal ritual to deal with the "ick" of a public bathroom: wiping the seat with toilet paper, using a paper seat cover or even rolling up several pieces of toilet paper to create a thicker barrier between the skin and ... the unknown.

Public bathrooms may be teeming with bacteria, but the toilet seat is probably safe for sitting.

Public bathrooms may be teeming with bacteria, but the toilet seat is probably safe for sitting.

But the toilet seat is actually the cleanest part of the bathroom, one expert says.

Use the first stall

"You may be doing yourself more harm than good," she said.

Women tend to have higher standards for bathroom cleanliness than men, often rating any given unisex bathroom lower than men, Pawar said. In general, many more women than men use the site, but male bikers and older men, especially colitis patients, also come to MizPee.

Although the bathroom seems like a nasty place, the possible infections from the dreaded stall are no different from the ones you can get anywhere else in public.

"They're the same bugs we transmit shaking hands," Bernstein said. "People are more freaked out about restrooms, but the same thing applies anywhere in public."

After all that research -- he's had the cops called on him while prowling around bathroom floors -- Gerba has no problem with sitting down on public toilets. But Bernstein still uses one or two seat covers, "because of what my mother taught me," she said.

The middle stall of a public restroom usually has the most bacteria because people use it the most. "I guess people like company," Gerba said. The first stall will probably be cleaner.

But there is hope. Here are hygiene helpers:

"It's such an easy intervention," Daly said. "If you get it to be a habit for a 30-day period, it's something you do automatically."

Use automatic devices

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona who has studied restrooms and other germ-infested environments for more than 20 years, says that because of the care people take when they're about to sit, other parts of the bathroom are much more prone to delivering bacterial infections.

"One of the cleanest things in the bathrooms we find are the toilet seats," Gerba said. "I'd put my fanny on it any time -- unless it's wet; then you'd want to wipe it first." Avoiding bathroom 'hot spots'

When Gerba looked at women's purses, he found that one-third of them had fecal bacteria on the bottom. Make sure you hang your shoulder bag on a hook. If none is available, some people swear by hanging the strap around their necks.

The Internet has come through for people who just want a clean place to go. New tools like MizPee (nationwide) and Diaroogle (New York only) will point you to the nearest public restroom and display extensive comments about those facilities from users, even delivering the information to your mobile phone. (Warning: CNN makes no promises about the cleanliness of the language in these bathroom locators.)

"Basically, everybody is fearful of public restrooms," said Dr. Lisa Bernstein, assistant professor at Emory University School of Medicine, who admitted that her mother always told her that she should never make direct contact with a toilet seat.

"I'm one of those really anal people who have to have a clean bathroom," she said.

Wash your hands

Women are also particularly concerned about finding clean bathrooms with changing stations, Pawar said. "You'd be surprised how few there are."

Fueled by demand, MizPee has expanded to more than 22 cities in America and six in Europe, and has had more than 300,000 unique visitors. Users rate toilets on a scale from one to five toilet paper rolls and nominate the best and worst toilets for the Flush of the Year award. The site also gives users information on deals at restaurants, shops and services nearby, in addition to toilet trivia called "looisms."

More concerning, however, is a child who steadies himself or herself on a toilet seat by holding onto it and then leaving without washing hands, she said. Those germs could lead to an infection once the child's hands touch the nose, mouth or eyes.

As a rule, the cleanest toilets are usually in hospitals, because they use disinfectants heavily, but the worst are in airports and airplanes, Gerba said. The small size of airplane bathrooms, including the sinks themselves, make it hard for people to wash their hands -- in fact, Gerba's study found a thin layer of E. coli in an airplane bathroom.

Recognize the best and the worst

Along the same lines, you can develop urinary infections from "holding it in" too long just because you don't want to use a particular facility. Better in a public stall than not at all.

Don't hold back

Gerba's research found that the highest concentration of germs in a public bathroom are on the floor, the outside of the sanitary napkin disposal and the sink and water taps.

Recent bathroom additions like automatic hands-free faucets and paper towel dispensers diminish contact between your hands and bathroom items that may bear bacteria, Bernstein said.

As for the airports themselves, "In the men's room at Chicago O'Hare, I don't think the toilet seat ever gets cold," Gerba said.

And don't forget that unwashed hands have handled everything from the door knob to the lock to the flusher. Again, if you touch one of these objects and then rub your eye, nose or mouth, you're apt to transmit that bacteria.

Don't let your belongings touch the floor

Put it in perspective

It's fine for a woman to hover over the toilet seat if she doesn't want to sit down, but if she doesn't empty her bladder completely, she's at risk for a urinary infection, Bernstein said.

Public bathrooms may contain several kinds of harmful bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, coliform, rotavirus, cold virus and the potentially deadly form of staph known as MRSA, experts say. But people are more likely to pick up these nasty bugs through touching things in the bathroom with their hands, not their behinds.

"I don't think anyone would voluntarily sit on a seat with urine, but, in reality, urine touching intact skin on the tush won't do anything," Bernstein said.


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Rain impacts Beauxart Gardens | KFDM

"We have the house, and I love my house," says Adams. "We just need to get a better system to push the water out instead of leaving it in our yard and garage and our house."

We reached out to Jefferson County Precinct 2 commissioner Brent Weaver. He says workers have been out making sure culverts and ditches are free of debris.

"Right now, we cannot use of any of our bathrooms or anything because the water is so high that when we flush the toilet, it will come up through the toilet, through the tub, and everything else," says Adams.

Adams places towels around between the door that leads from the garage to the house so water won't make it inside. She also puts towels around her toilet, which backs up when it rains.

"They do, they try to keep the ditches clean and the culverts clean," says resident Don McKinnon. "But there needs to be a little more done to help us right here in this particular block."

Weaver says, heavy amounts of rain in a short period of time can cause water to build up in some areas. He adds that a cross pipe that crosses Beauxarts Garden Road was installed about a year and a half ago to ease some of the flooding.

Monday morning, many residents received water in their front yards.

"This is what happens everytime," says Roselyn Adams, a Beauxart Garden resident who received water in front yard and garage.

Some families in Beauxart Gardens are dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains.

People in Beauxart Gardens have a variety of different septic systems. To learn what route you should take to repair your system if it has problems, you can call Jefferson County Environmental control at 719-5910.

While commissioners say the county is doing its part, some residents wonder if more can be done to bring relief.

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